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Lupus sufferer in remission one year after discovering new supplement

New all-natural Lupus supplement Lupura proves to be highly effective in managing Lupus symptoms without any negative side effects.

Lupura is a supplement that has recently gained recognition for its effective management of the symptoms of Lupus, recently making headlines after a longtime sufferer of Lupus reportedly attributed the supplement to putting her Lupus in remission after taking the supplement for one year.

Over the years, persons suffering from Lupus have searched for effective treatments for the condition. While some have found temporary solutions to the disease, many other sufferers have continued to struggle with Lupus. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus popularly known as Lupus is an autoimmune disease that attacks any part of the body. The chronic disease affects the joints, areas of the skin and/or the organs, with symptoms persisting for more than six weeks but can continue on for many years.

Lupus distorts the proper functioning of the immune system, making it difficult for the body to determine the difference between the invaders and healthy body tissue. This results in the inflammation of body tissues, causing pain and damage to various parts of the body.

Lupura is an all-natural daily supplement for Lupus which is manufactured with a list of clinically-studied ingredients that have proved to be effective in treating the symptoms of the disease. It consists of a carefully-selected ensemble of bio-available herbs that have already shown to lessen the typical symptoms & flare-ups & put the collapsing ailment into remission. Unlike regular Lupus medications, the supplement is free of harmful side effects.

Place, Date: Bianca started having Lupus symptoms when she was 17 years old. Her symptoms ranged from 24/7 chronic pain, excessive fatigue, joint pain, nausea and bad pleurisy. Like many others suffering from the menacing autoimmune disease, she too counted on regular medications which burdened her further with a list of painful side effects. Life seemed to come to a standstill for Bianca until she found Lupura.

After a little more than a year taking Lupura, she received news from her doctor that her Lupus is in remission.

“I’M IN REMISSION!!!!” “My ANA and Srogrens markers are positive and will be for the rest of my life BUT everything else is negative!!! This is so so so crazy! He (my Dr.) said that I have a 95% chance of Lupus not attacking vital organs or causing serious complications. Also my WBC is NORMAL!! I have never seen it normal before!”…Bianca R.

Within a few months of taking Lupura, her symptoms had started vanishing. Her 24/7 crushing pain was gradually fading away and she even started hitting the gym again- something that had been impossible when she first began taking the product. Bianca even had a knee surgery recently and for the first time she experienced a fast and smooth recovery.

Her Doctor still advises she manage possible triggers such as stress levels and getting plenty of sleep and drinking enough water.

“Lupura had been a blessing for me…It’s changing my life & I could not be happier. The best part is somedays I even forget that I’ve got Lupus. It was a constant negative reminder before.” she added.

“It feels great to see Lupura is making such positive differences for our customers and Bianca is a great example of that. We have seen results like these again and again and it never gets old hearing stories like hers. We understand the skepticism and reluctance with Lupus sufferers when it comes to trying something different for managing their Lupus symptoms so we are excited to be able to share testimonials like Bianca’s. We hope that by hearing her story along with those of so many others who are seeing amazing results with Lupura, Lupus patients will be encouraged to try Lupura for themselves,” stated Matt Williams, the Director of Sales of Lupura.

Bianca is not alone to notice the life-changing effects of Lupura. In fact, more than 90 percent of Lupura users have reported of significant relief.

Lupura is manufactured in a cGMP-certified FDA approved facility. Its ingredients have medically proven to –

  • Deactivate the WBC by changes in ion channels that consequently decreases attacks on joints.

  • Control inflammation by blocking negative ion channels.

  • Regulate the immune system, lowering the generation of autoantibodies.

“Lupura has shown to efficiently block the ion channels in CD4 double negative as well as CD8 double negative T Cells. The blockage further helps to prevent replication of the B Cells that otherwise provoke inflammatory responses found in autoimmune issues. Lupura offers your body all that you need to manage the painful & life-debilitating symptoms of Lupus in one product. ”

Lupura comes with a 90-day 110% guarantee. If the user is not satisfied with the supplement after 90 days, s/he will get full refund with an additional 10 percent.

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